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There are mainly 4 ways in which you can make money playing games in Pakistan.Many people think that gaming is a waste of time but that is not true. Its scientifically proven that gamers are smarter than normal people and have the ability to solve daily life problems better than normal people.That is not it in this blog you will read how you can be financially stable playing video games.The 4 ways are as follows

1:YouTube Channel

Make money playing games

 YouTube is a platform where people show their skills and share their knowledge with the entire world. If you think that you are good enough to beat your online competition give it a shot. Make a channel on YouTube and show your skills to the world.If you have computer hardware information that you think you can help other people with then upload it on YouTube .Once you build a basic fan base it is not that difficult to grow your channel but it requires consistency and dedication . If you don’t have skills on information and still wanna use YouTube for making money don’t worry we got your back all you have to do is search google for the new launching games, latest hardware launch dates, rumors and conspiracies and you are good to go.REMEMBER earning money is a second thing you should have interest in the specific field only then you can succeed.  

 2: Twitch Streaming:

Make money playing games

 Twitch is a platform where gamer’s live stream their their games and viewers watch them play.Its a very competitive platform because gamer’s from the entire world watch you play so you have to be good enough to worth their while . But after a lot of hard word once you are a famous player people pay subscriptions to watch you play .If you perform something extraordinary people also donate big sums of money to appreciate gaming is a talent and everyone is not born with it like every other sport you have to practice it everyday. Pro players like kennyS (COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE) have more than 10,000 hours of play time. You only need a decent Pc , microphone and a cam to live stream on twitch.

3: Steam Community Trading:

Make money playing games

Another way to make money playing games is Steam community is a market where you can purchase and sell games and game items like skins crates and material of high worth. You can win crates and skins and trade them with better ones earning profit over every single trade made.Some rare skins like AWP DRAGON LORE cost more than 61,000$ and just like local stock market when the demand of a specific skin goes up it gains value in form skin worth . You can buy a lot of skins and then sell them later when they have a higher value . Doing this is called item farming. You can also sell your game accounts to people in exchange of real money .Buy ac account play with it make it better then sell it for more money this type of business is called account faring. Gamers in china practice this a a bigger scale in warehouses so yeah it makes money.

4: Competitive E sports 

Make money playing games

One of the best way to make money playing games is the simple and old fashioned way of taking bets among 2 players on a game to another level. Players submit an entry fee and the compete with other teams or individuals to win the prize pool. Dew gamer’s arena was the first big gaming event of Pakistan but there are events and tournaments usually going on in gaming zones and cafes so if you are an active community member you can participate and try to win. Mostly games played in these tournaments are Cs:Go, Dota 2, Rainbow 6 siege, Tekken 7 , latest FIFA and call of duty.

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