R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3

 9,500  10,000

R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3

R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3 Graphics Card

R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3 price in Pakistan

MSI Afterburner Overclocking Utility

  • Monitor fan speed function

  • In-game video recording

  • iOS/Android remote control

  • built-in DX11.2benchmark

AMD HD3D technology

  • Stereoscopic 3D display/glasses and Blu-ray 3D support.

  • Stereoscopic 3D gaming support.

  • 3rd party Stereoscopic 3D middleware software support.

Video Output Function

  • Single-link DVI-D x 1

  • HDMI x 1 (version 1.4a)

  • D-Subx 1

Bundle MSI developed driver and utilities

MSI Live Update Series(Live Graphics Card BIOS & Live Graphics Card Driver)

Automatically online download & update Graphics Card BIOS & Drivers, reduce the risk of getting the wrong files, and never have the trouble on web site searching.

MSI Graphics Card Driver


StarOSD can monitor system information, adjust monitor figuration, and overclock system.

MSI Dual Core Center

MSI Live

MSI Live including all real time life information you need, such as Live MSI Product News, Live Daily Information, Live Personal Schedule Manager, Live Search and more.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Microsoft® DirectX

Norton Internet Security™ 2008 60 days Trial

  • Blocks online identity theft by phishing Web sites

  • Detects and eliminates spyware

  • Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically

  • Protects against hackers

    R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3


  • R7 250 MSI-2GB DDR3 price in Pakistan

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